We are honored by your interest in our curriculum. INVITI Christian institution is a nonprofit, whose primary purpose is to exalt the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, by fulfilling one of its most pressing command: "Go therefore DISCIPLESH all nations, baptizing them in the name of father, Son and Holy Spirit. "Matthew 28:18 BTX.

You will discover to study with us, our pillars are firmly rooted and grounded in the ancient and unchanging Word of God, and at the same time we are an institution sensitive to the situation

spiritual, and social policy of our time, so we try diligently to maintain a curriculum capable of meeting the challenges philosophical and cultural currents of our changing world, bravely holding the unshakable moral and ethical values ​​of the divine word. Likewise try to be aware of the time we live in and the magnitude and impact of man made ​​also to fulfill the mandate of our Messiah, who rebuked the Pharisees:

"He said also to the multitudes: When you see a cloud rising in the west, you say at once: Water comes, and case. And when the south wind blows, saying: There will be heat and it happens.Hypocrites! Know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, and you do not discern this time? "Luke 12:54 ff .. BTX.

At the same time find that our mystic seeks ministerial adhere as closely as possible to the Scriptural practice, since when we say that we are a nonprofit institution seek treatment and approach our stakeholders in our educational program reflects this approach.

For this same reason, although the educational program has a cost that has been evaluated and designed according to the basic support of the educational structure and administrative staff, with great attention to the elimination of all stinging bureaucratic activity, in practice, it you pay each student is determined by careful financial evaluation of each candidate, so that both students and Institute, determine what the economic amount that meets the financial availability of the candidates, leaving open the possibility that those who can not afford the tuition to access, if they qualify, a partial or full scholarship.

This allows to INVITI work with this generous philosophy is primarily the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave us grace and commands us to give grace. Similarly, inspired by the perpetual and inescapable message of the Bible, its founder, Alberto Galva, printed on all institutions it supervises, the impress of which must be preserved the spirit of liberality of Scripture itself in the management of the gifts divine grace giving that by grace we have received and avoiding any possible means be found merchants of the Word of God and therefore deceitful workers.

While other individuals and institutions express their gratitude to God by donating both their time and their finances so that this glorious educational program can be carried out resulting in great blessing for all men and women of God committed to He and his holy work.

The INVITI is also known for the excellent qualification and preparation of their teaching staff. They are masters of words recognized graduates of Christian educational institutions with a long history and abundant pedagogical fruit in the planting and harvesting of souls for the glory of our Lord the Messiah.

We equally with modern audiovisual resources and all kinds of pedagogical tools that allow both teachers and students educational experience a pleasant, desirable and very enriching.

The INVITI constantly monitors through periodic the good performance of its faculty, and likewise instills in its student enrollment high expectations for excellence in learning both theoretically and in the experience level.
Given the above, we believe that, with the grace of our Lord the Messiah, the dedicated work of the members of this ministry and the close collaboration of our related continue to serve in the work of our Lord to the praise of the glory of his grace in Christ Jesus.


Take entrance exam (cost RD $ 100.00) or U.S. $ 3.00 Online
          Filling admission form
          Complete financial assessment form

Being a Christian in full communion with the congregation
Pastoral Letter, (not essential)

1 - Identity card and electoral
2 - Copy of Passport (if foreign)
3 - Birth
4-2 photos 2 x 2
5 - Copy of title if graduate certificate or copy of degree or its equivalent by country.
6 - Curriculum Vitae
7 - Baptismal Letter
* Documents required herein, are accepted in hard copy but the relevant, must be presented in original, at least six months before graduation requirement without which no student can be received.

2 ½ years, 10 quarters.
6 sessions to choose from Monday to Saturday
6 TO 9 PM


Registration: RD $ 300.00 pesos or U.S. $ 13.00 Online


Quarter: RD $ 1,200.00 Pesos or U.S. $ 110.00 Online

Monthly: $ 400.00 RD Pesos or U.S. $ 37.00 Online

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